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Every month webdesignerdepot.com brings in an edition called the Browser Watch about the most relevant and newest stories on web browsers which is important to keep in your mind during your web development. Below is a roundup of one of the most recent articles about web browsers.

Google Chrome remains the most hacker-proof browser there is today

In addition to excellent speed and performance, Google Chrome has also developed a good reputation for security. This is now confirmed after the 10th edition of the Pwn2Own, which is a computer-hacking contest held every year. The objective behind this contest is for hackers to aggressively attack software and hardware to uncover and exploit previously unidentified vulnerabilities. Chrome came out as the most secure with the browser being attacked only once but not within the allotted time frame. The worst performing browser was Microsoft’s Edge browser which was successfully attacked five times.

Chrome 57 marks the beginning of more efficient power usage

Another advantage for Chrome is its latest update which will finally take it easier on a computer’s CPU. Chrome 57 will now extend battery life by lessening the power impact from factors that users aren’t able to see. Users are familiar with Chrome’s tendency to consumer resources when it has many tabs open in the background. Now, because of Chrome 57’s individual background tab throttling feature, there will be 25% fewer busy tabs that will be running in the background.

Google and Symantec may go head to head

Everyone has possibly seen security-software company Symantec’s security certifications on numerous websites, which many users take as the absolute verification of a website’s security. Nonetheless, Google has started taking Symantec to task for its supposed failure to accurately investigate if a domain is safe for browsing before it issues its web certificates of security. According to Android Headlines, Google might soon castigate Symantec by radically reducing the level of trust that the Chrome browser accredits by default to Symantec certificates.

Safari Technology Preview 27 release features a new reload page

Apple released the 27th Safari Technology Preview update and the highlight of it is the new Reload Page from Origin feature. This feature allows users to reload a page without having to depend on cashed resources. Safari Technology Preview is Apple’s experimental browser that tests new features that might make it into Safari’s future release updates.

Apple shows off demonstrations of its planned Webgpu Browser Engine

Earlier this year, Apple talked about a new GPU that would work towards more powerful internet graphics. Now, Apple has released demos to show developers what its new feature can do.

New Firefox user interface called Photon in the works

In time with Firefox’s forthcoming 57 release, there’s a new user interface that the browser is working on. The new interface is named as Photon and its mockup designs feature rectangular tabs that will replace the current round ones. Moreover, users can also expect a new tab page and a new and centered address bar. In general, this is the first main revamp of Firefox’s UI in a number of years.

Firefox 57 to come with a whole range of new features

Firefox recently debuted Firefox 52 and it was a mega update that included a huge collection of new added features. The biggest change is Web Assembly which allows almost native performance in games and apps, something that gamers will welcome on any browser. Another huge development is the automatic identification and activation of public Wi-Fi login services at airports and hotels. Lastly, Netscape Plugin API plugins have been put out of action while security also gets a big improvement with a warning to users who are on webpages that are not using HTTPS during sign-in.

Microsoft Edge records an uptick in its users

It came as something of a surprise but Microsoft Edge, the company’s latest browser, saw a bit of rise in its user share. After the browser’s user numbers fell to a embarrassing low last year, the browser rebounded ever so slightly with 0.06% more users this year so that means currently 5.61% of all browser users are using Edge to access the internet, Nevertheless, it’s still a far cry from the initial percentage of all worldwide browser activity Edge accounted for when Windows 10 recently rolled out and the browser was set as default in that release.


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