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Facebook Marketing Sri Lanka

Facebook’s recent change that you probably haven’t noticed

We tend to think of websites as static things - things that remain unchanged while other products are developed further and go through…
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Web Designing


The basic principle of website designing is that visitors should be able to identify what your company is all about within five seconds…
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Instagram Marketing and how the new Multi-Image Posts are Helping

Instagram recently announced an update to its platform that allows users to share up to ten posts and videos in one single post.…
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How to Take Advantage of Facebook Reactions for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Facebook is, without question, one of the most adaptive social media platforms around today and that is one of the main reasons why…
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Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka

SEO-friendly Blogs: Proper Use of Categories & Tags

“What’s better for Search Engine Optimization – categories or tags?” This is a topic that is highly discussed and many people have their own…
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Epitom wins ‘Best Global Training & Development Leadership Award’ at World HRD Congress

Epitom Training, Epitom's training arm, is extremely proud and privileged to have won the ‘Best Leadership Training Award’ at the recently concluded World…
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