A full-service digital solutions provider

Our team develops and executes effective strategies, tailor-made to suit your brand and your business. We work with you - for you and your customers.

Epitom Trinergy is a digital tech agency and we provide cutting edge Web Development, Tailor-made Software solutions, Software Products such as CricWit, Empcom and HR Software, Online Marketing and Creatives. Epitom has business presence in the USA, UK, Mexico, Cambodia, Netherlands and Sri Lanka.

Our services include Internet Marketing, which consists of a host of methods to promote clients’ websites, like Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, and Application Design for Web & Mobile. We also offer end-to-end Web Design & Development, from generating original content for your website to maintaining it and providing analysis on web traffic.

A trully international provider, we service clients from many countries including UK, USA, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Canada just to name a few.
'Synergy' is what we believe in and we deliver the benefits it provides to our clients, incorporating state-of-the-art technological aspects of modern business landscape with cost-effective and efficient strategies.


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