Epitom: The Brand

The brand “Epitom” was the result of a young, ambitious entrepreneur who has big dreams. The team at Epitom always believes that though the business is small the brand can be big. Our passion for innovation, the creative solutions that we provide to our clients and the willingness to grow ourselves with each opportunity has allowed us to create great waves in the industry within a very short span of time.

The company was officially started in January 2011, and within the short span of operations we have created a significant momentum in the industry. So far we have served several clients under Consultancy services and conducted more than twenty Public Workshops in Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna serving more than one hundred and twenty companies including multinationals. In addition our Corporate Training Courses which were launched in March 2012.

Under the Consultancy portfolio we have served entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka and overseas who wanted to start their own ventures in Sri Lanka. In addition we have also served several private companies by planning their marketing communication plans and marketing strategies. Further, we have conducted extensive consumer market research as well as B 2 B research on behalf of our clients. As support service we have served our clients by preparing investment proposals, business proposals, loan proposals and business profile which have ensured that our clients are successfully progressing in their businesses.