Should you focus more on Digital Marketing or Offline Advertising?

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When it comes to marketing, it can be roughly categorized into two: traditional marketing and digital marketing in Sri Lanka.

Traditional marketing is a channel that is well-known, thanks to its long and successful history. Everyday, we see its popularity on television ads, newspaper ads and radio commercials. But the fact is that traditional marketing channels are losing market share to digital marketing, thanks to the plethora of advantages that comes with the latter.

The debate between print advertising and digital marketing is a topic that marketers have faced for quite some time now. Both options do have their advantages and disadvantages but for companies working on a limited budget, it’s hard to deny that the cost of generating a qualified lead as well as brand exposure is far less in digital than in print marketing.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is no longer a foreign concept, yet many businesses haven’t understood the true essence of digital marketing nor do they know how to use the numerous opportunities this channel has to offer. Too many businesses still think that internet marketing is limited to email spam campaigns and banner ads on commercial sites, or that it is  best left to digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka. But internet marketing is a much more extensive channel, starting from website structure, design, content and optimization to Google analytics and ads.

The advantages of online marketing in Sri Lanka

  • – Measurability

With internet marketing, results are easily measurable through analytical tools like Google Analytics unlike print advertising which will, in turn, have an indirect impact on your business sales. SEO, social media marketing, AdWords and email marketing gives you accurate information about clicks, visits and sales conversions and this makes it easy for you measure and calculate the exact ROI.

Offline marketing is more like supposition and estimation. You cannot tell how many people your commercial ad reached and how many actually converted to sales.

  • – Affordability

The one main reason for businesses opting for online marketing over offline marketing is its reduced costs. Digital marketing offers businesses cost-effective, manageable and flexible budget control and the cost-effectiveness is comparatively high to offline advertising. Pay-Per-Click is also a good way to save money and monitor costs as payment is based on real clicks your ad gets. The cost of TV ads are very high and you can’t really tell how many people have paid attention to it.

  • – Demographic Targeting

Unlike offline marketing, determining your target audience is much more precise with online marketing. Sites like Facebook can target your ads directly to a chosen target audience and also display how many people your ads reached. Traditional marketing methods do allow you to direct ads to some extent but segmentation is far more effective with digital marketing channels.

  • – Long-Term and effective exposure

The average lifespan of a traditional marketing campaign is 1-4 weeks but internet marketing is a continuous process that will bring in results evenly. If you’ve successfully managed to reach the first pages of search engine results, you can stay visible for potential customers for a long time.

Of course, regular updates and strategies are necessary to ensure you hold that position. Content marketing will help you create and maintain the image of a professional and that will  boost your reputation and reliability and that will, in turn, act as a form of word-of-mouth advertising.

  • – Real-Time Results

While digital marketing is a long process, it is very much possible to see results right after implementing a new strategy. For example, with Adwords, you can directly measure the clicks and then analyze the impact with Google Analytics. This way, you can easily measure how effective your strategy is and make any necessary changes.  When you compare this with Yellow Pages which is promoted once a year, internet marketing offers considerably more opportunities for updates and improvement.

In conclusion, we can agree that the trend of traditional marketing is on the decline and some forms have even been replaced by new media. Marketing opportunities on the web are affordable for any business and furthermore, the development of new marketing channels are in progress too.  So, the growth and popularity of internet marketing is justified. By using the advantages and opportunities of digital marketing, you can successfully create cost-effective campaigns to increase your business’s competitive advantage.

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