Social Media Marketing

Connecting the bridge between consumers and industry influences through effective, personalized marketing.

As one of the most potent marketing platforms, social media marketing is arguably, the best way to engage with your target audience directly and generate popularity for your brand or content. 

Besides being a great way of fostering strong connecting between businesses and their clients, a well executed social media strategy can also drive traffic to your business website by placing your content right before your targeted audience, ensuring that your content is read and your product or service reaches the right people.

As a company that has been in the digital marketing business in Sri Lanka for years, we have the expertise and experience that is required to carry out a successful social media marketing plan. This is how our social media services have helped our valuable clients:

  • Increase in website traffic
  • Improved brand reach & awareness for products or services
  • Generating leads
  • Great number of social shares for your clients’ content
  • Building friendly social communities for the Brand
  • Harnessing meaningful relationships with customers
  • Having a better understanding of our clients’ audience
  • Targeting our clients’ demographics more effectively

Account Management and Monitoring

If you are looking for a partner to augment your social media strategy or if you would like our internet marketing experts to manage your marketing campaign, we have the perfect tailor-made solutions for your business. Together with doing this, we will also recognize where your target audience is and what interests them so we can respond to any client queries on social media platforms.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been such a pivotal asset for any digital marketing campaign. Our skilled content managers can help you display your content across many social media channels, ensuring that your content reaches your target audience.

Influencer Outreach

Social media is all about conversations and for most business brands, this involves spending more time doing the talking than listening to what your clients have to say. This is where we are different – we understand that social media is all about two-sided conversations and we focus on engaging content and building lasting relationships with your clients. We will work with you to recognize the keys influencers in your industry and work out ways in which we can make your brand more appealing to your clients.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a world that is abuzz with views and ideas and this means that advertising on social media channels offers a higher level of targeting that is not found in other traditional advertising platforms. Due to the advanced targeting options available on social media, businesses now have the chance of getting their brand message in front the exact demographic.

Some of our Social Media Marketing Clients

  • RichLife - RichLife products are sourced the goodness of fresh milk and products that include flavored milk, yogurt, sterilized milk, ice cream and a range of other dairy products. - Visit Facebook Page
  • Mr. Pop - One of Sri Lanka’s favorite snacks, Mr. Pop is much loved for its range of snack products in an array of exciting flavors. Visit Facebook Page
  • Captain – A household brand name for canned fish in Sri Lanka, Captain is the undisputed market leader for the highest quality of canned Jack Mackerel and other products such as Soya meat. Visit Facebook Page
  • Rainers – Rainers is a coloring and essence brand for food items produced by Shaw Wallace. Visit Facebook Page
  • Rhino Roofing – Since 1960s, Rhino Roofing, the number one roofing sheet manufacturer in Sri Lanka, has excelled in marketing premium roofing products that are guaranteed to be of optimum quality. Visit Facebook Page
  • The Thinnai – The Thinnai is a luxury boutique hotel in Jaffna that blends the hospitality, tradition and warmth of Jaffna in its terraced homes and private villas.Visit Facebook Page
  • Velona Cuddles – Velona is a brand that has established its name in the clothing industry of Sri Lanka. Visit Facebook Page