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In this article, we explore the future of voice search, take a look at how Google is determined to eliminate fake listings and discuss ecommerce  solution providers exploring the importance of website speeds with Google launching an A/B testing tool to make everything easier and straightforward.

The future of Voice Search

Taking a glimpse of what’s coming next, the introduction of voice queries and the prospect of conversational search should become more important as natural language processing gets better and progresses, with Google, Apple, Amazon, Baidu, and Microsoft already investing in the advancement of Voice Search.

Younger age groups seem to be more interested in the use of Voice Search and this can serve as another incentive that the future of Voice Search is going to be more widespread.

Google Optimize: A new A/B testing tool launched

Google announced the global launch of Optimize – an A/B testing tool for websites that want to improve and enhance their visitors’ browsing experience. Google Optimize 360 is now available for every business and it’s included with Google Analytics by adding a simple line of code.

According to Google, their new A/B testing tool is easy to use, implement, understand and try out. In Google’s own words:

“Leading businesses are building a culture of growth that embraces the use of data and testing to improve the customer experience every day. We’re delighted to offer Optimize to everyone to help deliver better user experiences across the board.”

Many ecommerce brands perform poorly when it comes to optimization for website speed.

Website speed is of vital importance for a flawless user experience but the majority of ecommerce brands are not optimizing their site to meet their customers’ needs.

According to reports, 79% of online shoppers have been dissatisfied by an ecommerce website’s performance. 700 top ecommerce sites were analyzed and it was found that the size of their web pages is 30% larger than an average website.

An improved site speed calls for a reduced size and images are among the most common factors affecting site speed. It is estimated that speed improvement in a website by one second alone can increase conversation rate by 27% and that’s a good enough reason for ecommerce businesses to pay close attention on the best tactics to enhance their website speeds.

Google has removed fake Google Maps listings by 70% since 2015

Google made a decision to tackle the problem of fake listings in a bid to protect its users and improve its products. Google announced that they have already reduced fake listings by 70% since 2015- the year they reached their all-time peak.

The incentive behind this move was to protect users from local listing scams and to introduce new business verification techniques. This is what Google had to say:

“Leveraging our study’s findings, we’ve made significant changes to how we verify addresses and are even piloting an advanced verification process for locksmiths and plumbers. Improvements we’ve made include prohibiting bulk registrations at most addresses, preventing businesses from relocating impossibly far from their original address without additional verification, and detecting and ignoring intentionally mangled text in address fields designed to confuse our algorithms. We have also adapted our anti-spam machine learning systems to detect data discrepancies common to fake or deceptive listings.”

The state of going social

There is an estimated number of a whopping 2.79 billion social media users. If this number is not impressive enough, let’s see it this way – the current population on social media is equivalent to the total world population in the 1950s!

A webinar was held on the State of Social and it focused heavily on statistics. One of the stats was a graph that found a mismatch between companies and customers. The graph showed that not all companies manage to be present on the social media networks that their customers are on.

The social media juggernaut, Facebook, may be the first choice for both sides, but the choices differ in the spots that come next. It’s interesting to note that Instagram is the fastest growing social network, as it grew 15.1% in 2016 alone, so companies should be cognizant of which platform their customers prefer the most.

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