2017 SEO Trends

Here are some of the hottest Search Engine Optimization trends for 2017:

1- Is Google’s AMP another fad or will it change the future of mobile?

Accelerated Mobile Pages project or AMP is Google’s all new initiative to build a more efficient and user friendly mobile web by introducing a new standard for building web content for mobile devices. This new standard is a set of rules that form a lighter and simpler version of HTML. Pages built with compliance to AMP will load super fast on all mobile devices.

Ever since its launch, AMP has been all over the Search Engine Optimization news but despite its buzz, webmasters and Search Engine Optimization gurus are treating it rather guardedly. The question remains if this is another Google fad that will fade away or is it here to stay? Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons why considering using AMP is a good idea.

For starters, it gives the ultimate user experience. It’s no secret that speed matters and research has shown time and again that slower-loading webpages are associated with higher bounce rates. With AMP, the speed problem can be solved. Thanks to the “lighter” HTML and CSS it utilizes, and the fact that AMP content is cached in the cloud and delivered not from your server, but from the Google-hosted cached version, AMP pages load 30 times faster. It can also have positive effect on CTR and rankings and tend to perform better in search results.

2- 301 redirects can stop your pages from passing topical relevance

If you have been in Search Engine Optimization for some time, you will remember the golden rule of never overdoing redirects as they are a Page Rank leak. However, Google recently announced that redirects no longer result in losing Page Rank and you can use any type of 3XX redirection without any fear of losing your rankings.

But according to SEO experts, 301 redirects might in fact harm your Search Engine Optimization by overriding how pages pass their topical relevance via anchor texts. Even if redirects do pass PageRank without any loss, it doesn’t mean you can 301 redirect everything without any jeopardy to your Search Engine Optimization.

The best thing you can do is keeping the original page in its place without redirecting. And if you have no choice but to redirect, then make sure you avoid needless redirects and redirect chains.

3- HTTPS is eating up referral data

It’s been some time since Google announced HTTP to be a ranking factor in its algorithms. As a result, the Web started up with the idea of switching to HTTPS to improve rankings. Is the trend still alive? Unfortunately, it’s very much unlikely that HTTPS can help with Google rankings.

4- It might be a good idea to stop building citations for your business

Citation building might be the most overrated factor for local Search Engine Optimization. A recent study revealed that the strength and volume of local citations don’t seem to have much weight for local rankings. So what can you do? The best way to go about this is to build the right backlinks and track the right rankings.

5- Optimizing for voice search is the best approach for featured answers

A featured snippet, also called a rich answer or direct answer, is a summary answer to a search query that Google shows in a special block at the top of its SERP. It also normally includes a link to the page from where the data was taken. And thus, it has an excellent traffic-attracting potential you can make use of.

And it turns out that featured snippet listings have even better potential for voice search. Every time someone makes a voice search for a keyword where your website ranks in a featured snippet, Google particularly suggests your brand, giving you a massive branding prospect.

And given the fact that voice search keeps growing at an incredible rate, this additional branding opportunity is just the right push you need to add to your 2017 Search Engine Optimization plan.

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