How Google changes with the change in searches

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With the use of improved new technologies and smartphones, people are now beginning to change the way they search on Google. Everything that we knew about searches are changing rapidly and with the proliferation of mobile devices, very few people resort to using computers or laptops to search for items on Google, the search engine giant, has sensed this change quickly and needless to say, have responded amazingly to this new trend by changing everything we knew about Google searches.


The evolution of search changes


The interface of searches remained unchanged for a long period of time and when you log online to search for anything on your desktop, Google brings up useful responses in return. But with the explosion of technology, searching now occurs across many interfaces, including smartphones, GPS devices, wearable and smart objects such as Amazon Echo. And of course, with this massive use of technology, people are now searching constantly, on the go. Today, people rely on various interfaces to find what they want, the search behaviors are changing as well.


For example, when we’re driving, we tend to use our voices more than our fingertips so this has brought about the revolutionary ‘voice searches’. Gone were the days where we wait until we arrive home to log on to our desktop and Google search to find out how to get your pizza delivered home. Thanks to technology, you can now order your food by talking to the Amazon Echo device. These changes have not gone well with Google’s traditional revenue model that relies heavily on serving ads when any user searches on Google. This means that the interface of talking to your wearable device or mobile phone leaves no room for a paid search ad.


So did Google sit back?

Not at all.


The Search Engine Giant strikes back


Google has always been incredibly perceptive to any shifts in search behavior and have taken on many different changes to keep users and advertises in its orbit. Below are a few ways in which Google fought back:


The launch of operating systems and apps: Chrome, Gmail, Android, Apps, Google Fiber, Google Maps, Drive and Android Auto. These are not just a collection of technologies but it is, in fact, the way in which Google embedded itself in the way we search online. Google Fiber is still in its early times but Google Maps has established itself as the ultimate standard for wayfinding apps. Android Auto has made huge inroads as well as far as the voice search in cars is concerned and all Google products have paved way to creating the golden infrastructure that will keep users coming back to Google, time and again.


Physical products such as Google Glass, Android Wear, driverless cars and Chromebooks: While these products will certainly go a long way in helping Google to diversify its revenue, these also serve as a great way to keep consumers requesting and using all the data that Google is presently supplying.


Evolving into a mobile-first UX philosophy: Google is pushing its way towards a mobile-first search experience and has introduced algorithms that have impacted all businesses. The elimination of Google Adwords and the advent of Snack Pack have revolutionized online searches. The Mobile First approach works perfectly with the launch of apps and operating systems.


Launch of products to keep users on’s servers: Google aims to build a self-contained search ecosystem with products specifically tailored to certain searches. Google AMP, App Streaming and Google’s Physical Web are some such examples of this.


In conclusions, the above mentioned are only a few major ways in which Google has responded to changes in search behaviors. Advertisers need to follow in Google’s footsteps as well; if Google notices changes and working on ways in which they can successfully counter this, then so should you.



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