How Sri Lankan Businesses Can Benefit From SEO

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a crucial online marketing tactic that every business should know about. However, while the search engine industry of Sri Lanka is growing steadily, very few businesses have grasped the essence of SEO and even fewer businesses are using it to boost their business and sales. This can come as a huge setback for a business because the number of people who use the internet to search for services and products in Sri Lanka is rising every single day. In fact, 93% of online experiences start with SEO so if your business manages to rank well for the desired keywords, then you can go on to beat your competitors effectively. It all comes around to the fact that SEO is something that you should seriously consider in your marketing plan.

While we know that the SEO industry in Sri Lanka is growing steadily, you should be very careful when you hire someone to optimize our website for search engines. A lot of people wrongly assume that SEO is only about ranking well on search engines but this is far from the truth; SEO involves analyzing web traffic, improving the usability of your website, creating relevant content for your market niche and practically all components that make your business shine in the online sphere.

Unfortunately, a lot of web design companies in Sri Lanka offer SEO services that are focused solely on rankings and that’s about it. Simply adding some meta description tags and keywords won’t do the job for you. Yes, it might work for keywords with low competition but otherwise, it won’t work well in the long run.

How can Sri Lanka businesses benefit from SEO?

Well, almost all business can benefit from basic SEO but if you want your business to perform exceptionally well, then you need to go beyond the basic and execute a fully fledged SEO campaign. The success of an SEO campaign depends on your business, target market, audience and many other factors.

In Sri Lanka, SEO is something that is overlooked by a lot of companies so even ranking for a low competitive keyword can potentially bring in millions in sales. For example, a company landed a deal that was actually worth millions of rupees because they ranked for the keyword ‘investment partner in Sri Lanka’. Take for example; if you are interested in overseas studying, then you’re probably going to search online for opportunities. But a lot of companies take the traditional way of distributing leaflets and this may or may not work. There is no doubt that this is a lucrative business with high profits so why don’t you take advantage of going online? “Study abroad from Sri Lanka” and “Study overseas from Sri Lanka” are some keywords that you could go after.

A well-executed SEO plan will not only make your business rank higher on search engines; it will help you find profitable keywords as well and if you don’t have the capital to spend on SEO, then you could opt for minimal SEO. But if you do invest in a complete SEO package, then the profits it will bring in the long run can definitely take your business to new heights. But remember that only a few Sri Lankan companies are actually utilizing SEO right now so if you get into it early, then you can dominate search engine results for years to come. The time is now.

Hire an SEO professional

A lot of people are unwilling to hire an SEO professional because they don’t want to invest in it. But know that if you choose cheap SEO professionals, it could mean lack of quality and bad SEO will not only bring poor results to your business but it can even get your website banned from search engines. SEO is a process that is constantly evolving and new trends keep coming up. This means that a method that was successful three years back will not work effectively anymore so it’s very important that you hire an experienced and professional SEO company that is well versed in all aspects of SEO including on-site optimization, link building, local SEO and conversion optimization so they can to carry out a successful SEO campaign.

How to choose the best SEO company in Sri Lanka?

When looking for an SEO company in Sri Lanka, start off by checking if their website meets the standard requirements. See if their website ranks in search engines for keywords such as ‘SEO Sri Lanka’ and if they don’t rank for this keyword, the question remains as to how they can rank your website. So make sure that you don’t jump at the cheaper options but even if it means spending a little more, go for the best option that is available to you.

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