How Technology Can Bring Internal Communications to Life

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Communicating well with your staff within a company is, in more ways than one, even more important than how you communicate with those outside the company. With the workforce insisting on more engagement than ever before, not communicating effectively with your team can have a severe impact on productivity and morale. And research proves this by showing that almost 25% of a company’s revenue is being lost every year due to disengaged employees.

That being said, here are some tips for using technology to ensure that your company’s internal communications are doing what you want them to do:

Open up socially

Looking around, you will notice that almost everyone is on some social media platform or another all day long. And with people on Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms checking their networks the first thing in the morning, at lunch and well into the evening, creating an engaged internal corporate social network is an excellent social network avenue.

But why the holdup in creating one? The answer is a lack of engagement from company leaders. By tradition, leaders have always maintained a distance or formality between themselves and their employees. But in today’s world, a leader should understand that they need to be a leader not just in person but digitally as well. If a leader is able to show their engagement with a social network, it can be a valuable tool for creating real connections between leaders and their staff.

When developing a social network, leaders must remember to create interesting content that will appeal to employees and encourage them to take part too. Most importantly, leaders must be open and honest about what’s happening.

Get moving

With the majority of people working flexible hours from home or on the road, they are turning to their mobile phones as a hub for their work. To make your intranet and internal communications more effective, don’t forget how powerful the mobile phone can be. According to a survey, 94% of employees believe that their mobile devices make their work more proficient so having your intranet accessible while on the move means that your staff can keep up-to-date with company news, announcements or other content of interest, staying engaged and productive wherever they are.

Make it enjoyable

Everyone love to have fun and everyone loves games and it’s a philosophy companies have used over the years through work contests, fundraisers, and wellness programs, to name a few. With the help of technology, this can be taken to another level through completion bars, leader boards, badges, etc, all updated in real time and shared throughout the company. If you’re looking for an incentive to get people engaged in your intranet, try rewarding employees for things like joining in discussions and watching videos. This way, your staff will feel more appreciated and will enjoy engaging with your internal communication more.

Give your staff something to watch

We’ve all been there where we are sent or handed a really long manual and groaned about reading through it. Instead of sending tedious documents, you can try bringing some life to policy changes and other messages by announcing it through a video. One study has found that audiovisual content is one of the most significant ways to communicate, so it’s a smart move to include some in your internal communication strategy. Encourage people to share and search the videos and you’ll see a lot more commitment.

Start writing

While videos are very effective for engagement, blogs are great for shaping your reputation and personality online. In large organizations, in particular, the average employee can feel very disconnected from the company leaders and other executives. Having an open, friendly blog post where employees can post comments or questions is an excellent way to establish yourself as a leader while also creating valuable engagement with employees. It’s a good place for you to share your opinions, new programs, policies and other exciting information with them.

Above all, remember that internal communications are all about engagement. Use technology to help connect with employees and don’t be reluctant to be open in your communications, so they feel comfortable to do the same.

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