While digital marketing in Sri Lanka continues to evolve, one strategy that has always remained a key factor is content and as cliche as it may sound, content really is king. It’s a very viable digital marketing tactic that is specifically designed to attract and generate traffic to your website, blog or landing pages.

However, even if you’re a very good content writer, you can still sometimes not attract any readers at all and this is where the significance of an attractive blog topic is so important.

Think of it this way – your audience are gatherers who are always on the lookout for information online and many times, they don’t find what they are looking for. A good topic can therefore, go a long way in attracting the attention of your audience and pique their interest to click through and read your blog, which, in turn benefits search engine optimization. This is why perfection is such a key element of your content marketing strategy and if you don’t know how to create blog topics that appeal to both, your readers and search engines, simple read on to follow these simple rules.

Good use of keywords

The importance of using keywords in your topic cannot be stressed enough as search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo gives great relevance to it. While using a witty topic might seem tempting, it’s always better to choose a topic with at least one keyword. Especially in a rising digital landscape, this is important in your search engine optimization in Sri Lanka.

Attract the emotions

According to a research, 8 out of 10 people will read the topic but only 2 out of that will go on to actually read the article. So, it’s up to you to grab your chance by using powerful words that will actually make the audience want to continue reading. Phrases such as ‘You need to’ or ‘What happens when’ will compel people to click through and read the article.

Be clear and brief

Content marketing has a lot to do with building trust with your audience so it’s important that you don’t ruin it by having a misleading headline just to get your audience to read your content. Always make your topic direct and clear so the reader knows exactly what he/she will learn from reading it.

A confusing headline, on the other hand, will make your prospective read exit your blog because they couldn’t find the information they were looking for.

Know who your audience is

Understand what type of information your target audience is looking for and the best topics are the ones that your readers will find value in because it’s related to their queries. Write content that you know your audience will benefit from.

Keep the numbers in mind

A lot of readers find lists very compelling because it gives them a very clear idea as to what they can expect in the article. For instance, using topics such as ‘5 ways to lose weight’ or ‘10 tips for a successful small home business’ can go a long way in delivering your content in a more appealing manner.

The use of captivating words

We discussed the use of strong keywords in your blog topic and an equally important elements is the use of positive adjectives in order to increase engagement. Try to incorporate words such as ‘free’, ‘quick’ and ‘easy’ and using phrases that suggest a sense of urgency will provoke the reader to read the article.

Keep it short and to the point

No one wants to read a lengthy headline. Keeping your topic short will enable your readers to read it quickly because more often than not, readers will only see the first half of a sentence so you have to make sure that your entire topic is read all at once so you can relate what your article is about.


The world of blogging is a very competitive one but making sure that your articles have a higher search engine rank will ensure that your audience finds the answers they are looking for. Having an effective blog topic can improve your click-through rate and enhance your overall ROI so you certainly don’t want to miss out on such as key aspect of your content marketing campaign.

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