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Web Designing

The basic principle of website designing is that visitors should be able to identify what your company is all about within five seconds of landing on our site. This is why it’s so important for your website to clearly communicate your brand message to the audience and if your website isn’t able to do this, it means you have to change the layout and strategy of your website. If you have a high bounce rate, the problem could be as a result of various elements of your website.

In order to make sure that your website is headed in the right direction, below are a few key tips to bear in mind:

Have a clear plan

A website designing is far more than just the design; in order to make sure that your site is meeting the needs of your audience, your should carefully map out the customer journey right from the moment they visit your site and up to the point where they will become your customer. This involves elements such as the pages your audience is going to view, the content they are likely to read and the offers they would be interested in. Having a clear understanding of these basic elements will give you the insight to design an efficient website that will convert visitors to customers.

Another important factor to bear in mind is that your website design for the next step and not simply focus on the starting and ending point. It’s all about answering your client’s questions in the correct order so they learn more about your product or service as they keep browsing your website.

Go for the right images

All the images on the internet aren’t going to fit our brand message and while this has been repeated many times, websites should stay away from using stock images. Not only do these images look tasteless but it also doesn’t help in portraying your business to your audience. Always take the time to use actual images of your company, staff, premises and office and images of your staff working at their desks, receiving an accolade and so on. Be real and show your audience what your business is truly all about.

Have Follow and Social Share buttons

Always ensure that your visitors can follow or share the content easily and the best way to do this is by including the follow and social share buttons on all pages of your website. These include the homepage, marketing emails, blog articles and landing pages. After all, the more the reach, the better it is for your business.

Know what elements should be removed from your website

There are actually certain elements on your website that could devalue your brand message and obviously, you wouldn’t want that. One such element that you would certainly have to remove from your site is complicated animations. Often, these animations could prolong the loading time of your website and your visitors definitely wouldn’t want that. Generally, the attention span of your audience is approximately eight seconds and if your website doesn’t load within that short period, chances are that you could lose a considerable amount of web visitors.

Another element that should be removed from your website is technological jargon your visitors probably won’t understand. Don’t give your audience a reason to skim through your website without finding anything of value.

Allow your web visitors to scroll

Lots of people are afraid of designing a long homepage but you don’t need to stick with the old-school type website and your visitors don’t have to be confined into a 1200 x 800 pixel screen. Consider adding the below elements to your website’s homepage:

  • Value proposition
  • Overview of the services offered
  • About the company
  • A video
  • Testimonials or reviews
  • Case studies
  • Resources

Execute Calls-To-Action

After your visitors have landed on your website, what next? Do they know what pages they want to view and how to find it? If your website doesn’t provide some sort of direction to help them navigate through your pages your visitors would have issues in finding the content they want to read.  A good idea would be to add a Call-To-Action and direct them to ‘Click here for more information’, ‘Download our samples’, ‘Watch the video here’, ‘Click here for pricing’, etc.

It’s ok to have blank spaces

“Less is more” – this is a theory that stand true as far website designing is concerned. Don’t feel the need to fill in every square inch of your website with images or texts. In fact, whites pace is a key website design element and that space can help with breaking up the page and if used properly, it can even give your website a clean and polished look.

Make your website mobile optimized

Never ever forget about optimizing your website for mobile devices because more than 80% of website visitors are actually accessing sites through their mobile phones. Website designing is all about tailoring your site to fit with the requirements of your audience. Also, remember when someone visits a website via their mobile devices, they are actually looking for quick information such as the address, hours of operation, etc so make sure that your mobile-optimized website is structured accordingly.

Facilitate easy navigation

The entire objective of your website is about offering a god user experience and when designing a website, navigation is a crucial factor. One of the greatest website fails is where visitors can’t find what they are looking for. Always ensure that your website is designed so the audience can easily navigate through it. If your visitors have been viewing your site map for direction, you then know that your website is indeed poorly designed. According to a survey, 76% agreed that the most important feature of a website’s design is its ease of navigation. If your visitors can’t navigate easily through your site, they wouldn’t find any reason to visit your site again and would opt for another company that actually has the information they are looking for.

Be found

The entire purpose behind creating a website is to allow your business to be found. This is why your website should be search friendly and this makes an effective Search Engine Optimization plan a key feature of your online marketing campaign. This ensures that when people actually search for your business, they would have no difficulty in finding your website. A good SEO strategy includes creating content that is relevant to the requirements of your clients. Factors such as blog articles, ebooks and videos are types of content that will help drive visitors to your website.

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