Inventory Systems for Garment Factories

Managing an apparel chain is no easy task- with frequently changing taxes and tariffs, shipping problems and the unpredictably of demand, optimizing and managing the production, sales and retail, sourcing and in-store inventory can be quite challenging.

This is where technology can help garment factories take control. Technology today has become an indispensable tool for all businesses today. As for the apparel industry, lengthy processing cycles and increasingly complex product mixes call for a competent IT infrastructure.

Garment factory owners are now looking to make their business more well-organized and systematic and this is how ERP can help them. The Enterprise Resource Planning software or ERP covers everything to manage the important parts of a garment factory more efficiently by using a relational database system.  The ERP software solution helps in the textile industry by incorporating all the business processes including the vital eight areas of garment production planning, namely- raw materials, finance, inventory, payroll, sales, quality and plant management. ERP software is the foundation of any modern garment supply chain. ERP makes it easy for garment factories to track every step of the production process from sourcing to shipping while providing a range of analytical tools and reports to help optimize every process. ERP software further helps garment factories cut down significantly on costs through online quality monitoring.

Benefits of utilizing ERP software in garment factories

ERP offers a host of benefits, particularly in the apparel industry. Some of the benefits include:

  • Providing the right information to the right people at the correct time
  • More successful communication between co-workers, customers and vendors
  • Direct key functions like product planning, inventory control, purchasing, interacting with suppliers, tracking orders and customer service more promptly.
  • Organized information for enhanced decision making- from manufacturing and sales to finance and data sharing
  • Improved productivity
  • Updated business processes, maximized output and minimized inventory
  • Integrated business processes and more effective work flow
  • Direct access to data including details on the various stages the process is in
  • Respond faster to important customer issues
  • Receive up-to-date data on services, sales and promotional pricing activities.

Here’s how we can help you

Our software offers a comprehensive and end-to-end garment factory management solution with total transparency enabling businesses to stay ahead of the game, remain proactive and develop a competitive edge in the apparel industry. Our robust ERP software is reliable, flexible and adaptable to suit individual business needs. With our software, you will have a streamlined, well-executed business operation. Choosing the right apparel ERP solution is one of the most important business investments you’ll make, so make sure you know your business requirements before going into the process.