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Twitter Doubles its Character Limit to 280 to Drive More Engagement

Twitter has officially increased its character limit from 140 to 280 following a test which confirmed that longer tweets drive more engagement which…
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7 Steps to Creating an Effective Infographic

People love infographics and the statistics are there to prove it. In the past five years alone, Google searches for the term “infographics”…
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Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s a well known fact that social media has become a vital and necessary tactic for most digital marketing strategies. Social media helps…
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Five Interesting Search Marketing News

In this article, we explore the future of voice search, take a look at how Google is determined to eliminate fake listings and…
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How Google Plans to Reach India’s 1.3 billion population

Google took another giant step in its mission to find the next billion users in India. The company announced improvements and expansion of…
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Facebook Marketing Sri Lanka

Facebook’s recent change that you probably haven’t noticed

We tend to think of website designing as a static thing - things that remain unchanged while other products are developed further and…
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Instagram Marketing and how the new Multi-Image Posts are Helping

Instagram recently announced an update to its platform that allows users to share up to ten posts and videos in one single post.…
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Workplace by Facebook Opens to Sell Enterprise Social Networking

After a year and a half in closed beta under the title - Facebook at Work, Facebook has finally introduced its enterprise-centered messaging…
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Instagram duplicates Snapchat once again with new “Stories” update

One of the most popular mobile apps today, it’s hard to decide which one is more favoured by users - Instagram or Snapchat.…
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New Proposal For “Professional” Women Emoji Accepted

When you have a look at emojis with a job- a police officer for example- the option is always a male emoji. And…
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