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Why all Businesses need a Website?

Despite the increasing importance of an online presence for every single business of all sizes and descriptions, numerous smaller businesses are not adjusting…
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Is Your Website a Valuable Business Asset?

When most people think of a business asset, a website might probably not be something that comes to their minds and the fact…
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Choosing the Best Web Design & Development Agency for Your Business

In the current age, having a corporate website no longer an option for a business – it is a must. It acts as…
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Our Latest Work – Website Development

Epitom Trinergy has launched its first website in the Czech Republic. Kachny.cz is a website designed for a company called JH Barbaria s. r. o. which is in…
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Why Sri Lankan hotels should have a strong digital strategy

The world is busy with their mobiles! People have become online shoppers now days, as they see the upcoming movie through internet, dinner…
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Google Webmaster Central – An important tool for Web Developers

In a blog post published by Google, it was clearly mentioned that if the Webmasters repeatedly violate the Google Webmaster Central guidelines, the…
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Tips for successful B2B Facebook marketing

Traditional B2C (Business to Customer) Facebook marketing has become very popular with the rise of social media in the recent years. It has…
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Digital Marketing Helps in Remarketing

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a method of online advertising that displays relevant advertisements to users who have visited your site before.…
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Search Engine Optimization in Sri lanka

In the year 2010, the Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka was in its earlier stages. The awareness (that SEO is important for…
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Web Development Services in Sri Lanka

If you really want to generate more business and new customers it’s time to go for digital marketing. Having an efficient quality website…
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