Website development practices are often thought of as an easy task where building a quality website and attracting clients is a straightforward job. The truth, however, is far from that and a lot of study, effort and time goes into developing a user-friendly website that is aligned with visitor expectations.

Below, we have listed the top ten website development best practices that need to be followed before your website goes live.

  1. Predetermine the page URLs

Make sure to create your page URLs for humans and make it readable and simple to understand. A very important feature of Search Engine Optimization is accessibility as search engines can utilize user data signals in order to determine what users are engaging with. This means that your page URLs have to be specific and should represent the page content.

Start by deciding on the URL that you want, select it, test it and then remove the rest. If you happen to keep other pages, then Google will confuse the page context and send a plagiarism error which you absolutely want to keep away from.

Moreover, make the URL short so users can find it easily on Google. Web development companies in particular, take great care in ensuring that all the typical errors in URLs are completely avoided so the website is visible across all the main search engines.

  1. Name your media before uploading them

Below are a few standard rules to bear in mind when uploading images to your website:

  • Name images properly. For example, if you are uploading a banner image for your About Us section, you can name the image as aboutus-banner.jpg
  • Avoid naming your images inappropriately with no relation to the image. Such as naming an image for your blog post as 123abc.jpg

So while naming every single image on your website correctly will be time consuming, it is well worth it because adding your relevant keywords when uploading your image will also help your website rank higher on search engines.

  1. Hide the links of any non-existent pages or pages that are under-developed

In many instances, you would have designed a page and linked it with another page but in time, you realize that the link is no longer useful. In such an instance, keeping the link and deleting the page can be a very bad mistake. There are two possible scenarios:

  • If the link exists without a page, then the link will result in 404. The solution is to hide or remove the link.
  • If the page is available but is under-developed with dummy content, then keep such pages private or save it to the draft mode.
  1. Don’t use Lorem Ipsum if your content is not ready

Avoid having dummy content like Lorem Ipsum on your website. This is the default dummy text that is used when a page is being developed and if it’s still available on a live website, the user might assume that the site is fake and may even complain to Google about it.

Remember, first impressions matter a lot in the online world, so make it count with having your proper content in place.

  1. Ensure that the pages are responsive

Today, people love browsing through any type of browser of any screen size. This means that your business must be adaptive and your website should be developed such that it is responsive and works seamlessly on any device, be it a computer, phone or tablet.

Ensuring that your website is mobile optimized is very important as it can help your website rank higher and gain a competitive Search Engine Optimization advantage.

  1. Link to your social media pages

The popularity of social media is evident today and it is very important for any online business to enhance its personal branding. Social media can offer quicker services and allow you to stay in touch with your clients anytime and incorporating this feature into your website development practices can certainly uplift your company to a whole new level.

  1. Hide the blog sidebar until the content is ready

Usually, WordPress has a default sidebar for blogs that are not appropriate for your site. Make sure that your hide the sidebar until you have decided on the content. Not doing do will cause the user to go on the wrong direction, thereby leading to a losing a prospective customer.

These aspects are often overlooked as insignificant details but the best web development companies in Sri Lanka will go the extra mile to make sure that even these small things are carefully looked into before the website goes live.

  1. Remove the demo pages, make them private or save it in draft mode

Paid WordPress theme has an entire list of demo pages that help you to create another page. When you have completed all the pages you want on your site, remove the demo pages, make it private or save it in draft mode before your site is live.

  1. Specify the SEO title, meta description and features image on all pages

Without the Search Engine Optimization title, meta description and feature images for each and every published page, your website is worthless. These features are the storytellers of your web pages and hence, should be there on all pages.

When a user searches for a specific keyword online, it will be bolded in the search results so if you are targeting for a particular keyword, you want to make it stand out. Moreover, many social bookmarking networks also use meta descriptions as the page’s description and this is why web development companies take a great deal of effort into perfecting the meta descriptions, titles and images.

  1. To make your website run smoothly, fix the Javascript error

In order to speed up your website on Google, fixe the Javascript error in browser console because this error can often lessen your site’s performance.


The above mentioned website development best practices are significant pointers that can help your business stand out. If you are new to the entire field of website designing, you can miss out on a few steps and this can set your business back and even cause you to lose your prospective clients. This is why it is important to consult an experienced web development company in Sri Lanka so they can use their knowledge, skills and aptitude in order to deliver the perfect website that will resonate your brand message.

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